The Pom E Ranch Dog rescue

We RESCUE POMS and other small spitz type dogs.

THe  pommies  at home

We look forward to meeting others who love the pommie breed, we love shciperkees and we love small dogs..we partner with several other small breed resuces as well as a couple of bigger rescues, we are spitz we take in a variety of smaller dogs, some are easy to find homes for some are a little harder. We love the spitz breed, we also have toy american eskimos (eskies) in our rescue as well.. We partner with another Pom rescue to make sure we get lots of coverage with POmmies..Please make sure you check us out on FACEBOOK under THE POM E RANCH and also under POM TO THE RESCUE. WE are a small rescue just trying to make sure we give our dogs the most versatality so that we can place in a variety of homes, we have dogs in young homes, elderly homes, apartments and special placeings for some of the behavioural dogs. We do take in one or two at a time only, behaviour dogs. These dogs are dogs that have bite history or are too shy to relaly show well. Aggressive dogs are special placement dogs and are the hardest ones to match..We do have a really good success rate with them.In the shelters shy,aggressive or medical dogs are the first to die. We try to take these dogs in and make a diffence in their lives.. We make them part of the family, they share our home so it becomes their home.. please take your time and check all the photos out we love showing them off..If you are looking for a family member then come and meet some of our furkids.. Remeber we do not allow dogs to be adopted to homes with other UNALTERED animals.WE also DO NOT ship out of state. Please spay and neuter your dogs. Purebred dogs are ending up in the shelters at an alarming rate.. come on out and meet the pommies will fall in love ...we did..:) WE are NOW located in THE DURANGO COLORADO AREA> WE ARE NOT IN CALIFORNIA ANYMMORE!    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a>