The Pom E Ranch Dog rescue

We RESCUE POMS and other small spitz type dogs.


The Pom E Ranch dog rescue is a small dog rescue, we are totally volunteer, and we are dedicated to saving dogs that are on the E list in shelters and dumped by their owners, we support spaying and neutering of all pets dogs that are adopted from our rescue, we belive in quality of the rescue over quantity we look for the "right match for Owner and for the dog" we love Poms, but we also rescue schiperkees and we partner with several other small breed rescues...Our dogs are NOT perfect they are dogs that have lived lives and have lost their homes. We do not broker dogs, nor do we breed to sell dogs. As sad as the world is these days more and more dogs are coming into rescue every day. We are dedicated to finding the correct and "right" home for our dogs. We do not just leave them in cages and kennels and trot them out to meet potential adopters, we take them into our homes and we take them on adventures so that they can become better canine citizens to go into their new homes with as much training as possible. We are not funded by anything other than the donations and the adoption fees that go with each and everydog. WE DO NOT SHIP out of state, you can adopt but be prepared to fly here and get the dog after completeing the application process. We will not lie about a dog you will hear the best and the worst about each and every dog. We also would anyone adopting to notice that bringing in an adopted dog means that the dog has to be able to acclimate to you and your family this can take a lot of time. If you are looking for the "perfect" dog there is no such thing..if you are looking for a "special family member" this is the place to look..we get our pommies from all types of places. We look forward to meeting each and every one of our adopters.We have an excellent reputation and we aim to keep that. All ofour dogs are spayed and neutered and UTD on shots. No dogs will be adopted to any home with unfixed animals. Thank you in advance for considiering and for visiting our site: We love small dogs and pommies and schiperkees and now Amerian Eskimos are here..Please consider giving one of our special dogs a home for life


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